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LGBTQ Canada

Hi, I'm leZlie lee kam.

It is my purpose to shed light on the plight of 2SLGBTQI+ seniors and help you to improve and save our lives.

I want you, Canada and the world to acknowledge that queer seniors exist.

My existence is my resistance!

My Services

I provide 2SLGBTQI+ awareness/ inclusion workshops and presentations on the unique challenges and barriers we face as 2SLGBTQI+ seniors/elders/older persons, focusing on the intersections in our lives as queer people of colour, ageing and disability.

Given these challenging times and our inability to meet in person, I am available to provide workshops, interviews and presentations on various platforms including zoom.






2 Hour Workshop

3 Hour Workshop


4 Hour Workshop

Research Interviews








$50 - $150

$250 - $500

$250 - $350

About Me
Queer Senior

I am a world majority, brown, trini, Carib, indo, chinese, callaloo, queer, DYKE, differently-abled community activist, Elder.

I am a 2SLGBTQI+awareness consultant and workshop facilitator. In my work I focus on the issues affecting 2SLGBTQI+ seniors / older adults and the barriers we are forced to overcome on a daily basis. I share my lived experiences of queerness, age, race, ability and sexuality with openness and vulnerability. I live my life from an anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-colonial, intergenerational and intersectional perspective.


I have presented in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Belize and a queer DYKE senior. My work has been highlighted in the anthologies Marvellous Grounds and Any Other Way.


I live in Toronto, Canada and for fun I am a story teller, actor and connector. I love dim sum, doubles, dancing, soca and a trini 'lime' anytime!

Let me add colour to your lives! 


“It’s hard to choose between being your true self or getting good home care.”

leZlie lee kam

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